Wow your readers.

Whether they’re sorting through submissions at a top agency or taking a peek at your free sample on the Kindle Store, readers want to be swept away by your words. That means making your work the best it can be.

You don’t need an MFA to craft a compelling narrative or write mind-blowing prose. But no matter your skill or experience as a writer, getting an external editor’s eyes on your manuscript is a vital part of honing your craft.

I want to help you shape your novel into something truly extraordinary. Whichever stage you’re at with your writing project, I offer feedback and editorial services that encourage you to look at your work from a new perspective. My goal is to inspire you to revise that manuscript, focus in on the page, and get your story ready to share with the world.

How can I help?

Editorial Assessment

Get a professional perspective on the state of your manuscript with an 8-page editorial assessment of your full novel. I'll give you a high-level overview of what's working and what's not, with actionable steps to tighten your plot, deepen your characters, and strengthen your structure and style.

Starting from £750
(Price based on wordcount)

Developmental Editing

This is the most hands-on service that I offer, giving you a wide-angle overview of your plot and characters as well as diving into your scenes and style. I'll provide in-depth feedback chapter by chapter, with comments on everything you need to think about to make your work in progress the best it can be.

Starting from £1000
(Price based on wordcount)

Line and Copy Editing

Get into the nitty-gritty with a complete copy-editing and style package. If you're satisfied with your plot and characters, hand your nearly-finished manuscript over, and I'll help you make sure every sentence hits its mark.

Price based on wordcount

Query Package Critique

Need another set of eyes on your query letter and first chapters? Let me take a look at your submission materials to make sure everything's pitch perfect before you start sending to agents.

Starting from £50

Bespoke Editing Packages

If you're not completely sure what sort of editing you need, or if you'd like guidance through any and all parts of the drafting, editing, querying, and / or publishing process, simply get in touch. We'll figure out the best way for me to help you on your writing journey.

Price based on services + wordcount

How it Works

Once you’ve sent me details of your project and we’ve discussed the type and scope of editing that you’d prefer, I’ll send you a contract for you to review. I ask for a 20% deposit, with the rest to be paid once our editing is complete. I’ll be in close contact throughout the duration of the process. And of course, once I’ve sent you my notes, I’m always happy to address any questions you might have about them and to discuss your next steps.

About Amy

I'm a professional editor and agency reader, and, perhaps most importantly of all, I'm a writer myself. I've been where you are. I know the sheer amount of time, passion, and energy you've put into your writing. But I also know the work that needs to be done before your manuscript is really ready. So if you're prepared for some tough love and inspiration, let's work together to make your words unforgettable.

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